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Enterprising Thinking

Looking above and beyond

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Experienced and fully engaged partners driven to create strong and durable successful brands.

Working Together

Working in a team stemming from two very different generations has its advantages.

Wide proven experience and being in tune with the mood of the moment, as well as the future.

Galavanting a Board Room into one singular point of view requires gravitas. Motivating management needs ideas.

Follow-through is time-consuming. Laying the proverbial idea egg is done in a flash.

Sometimes a long, detailed explanation is necessary. Sometimes the top line is preferred. 


Being steadfast in what we believe is usually appreciated, but occasionally, flexibility is wise.

Main Cases

Main Cases



“... my strategy was to get the best and most experienced brains in the room to challenge and help me unlock the full potential of the Brewery ...”

Peter Hall, President - CARIB Brewery

“... we needed entrepreneurial thinkers and innovative brand creators ...”

Anthony N. Sabga III, CEO - ANSA McAL Ltd.

“The guys from Brandology, after a few brief conversations, were able to not only bring our vision to life but inspired an entirely new being for our brand that was synonymous with our strategic goal as we move into the future. Their support and expertise added huge bench strength to my team.”

Kathleen Galy, Managing Director - ANSA Bank

“We faced a massive challenge to revitalise and reposition our flagship lager brand, Carib. Brandology not only helped us achieve this, but they surprised us by spotlighting a number of other brand and brand portfolio issues. I like that they always come up with suggested solutions, not just problems. They have been my trusted partner for the last three years.”

Erik Uddenberg, CMO - CARIB Brewery

“Always being surrounded by people from the scientific community, we took it for granted that everyone would easily understand our innovation. We were very wrong. Brandology helped us capture in words and infographics what we had developed so that a wider commercial market could understand us. They were not just listeners but also challenged us to get our stories aligned. The final messaging around our innovation is a collaboration between us at TRAITOMIC and Brandology.”

Managing Director, Traitomic

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