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Carib Beer

Caribbean Original

The Carib brand had started to lose its edge and sparkle. It needed to be brought up to date and re-establish as the undisputed icon of the Caribbean. All aspects of the brand required attention. The liquid, the physical bottle, the brand identity, including all the supporting brand material. Later the communication, both print and digital, needed an overhaul.

Unlike the present brand, we created a logo lockup containing an icon and a wordmark. The symbol was intended to be used with or without the word mark. Much like the emblem of a sports team, the icon echoed the essence of the reawakened brand.

The new wordmark, evolved from the original, has been rebalanced and reworked to appear contemporary and more confident. It is unmistakably Carib but with new elan. The addition of the text CARIBBEAN ORIGINAL, between the symbol and the wordmark, trumpets the brand’s claim to be THE true original of the region.

Together with the core Carib Larger, three other products are part of the brand’s line-up. BLUE, Pilsner and 0.0˚. We strongly recommended that to repel any international premium brand making inroads into their market, they needed to develop a premium lager.

Our suggestion was BLUE, a smooth 6˚ alcohol lager packaged in an eye-catching, high-end blue glass bottle.

For some reason, the name Pilsner has become synonymous with a light beer in this part of the world. The word, Light, doesn’t work in the eastern Caribbean; it is associated with watery beer. So a Pilsner is a Light beer at 4˚ ABV, while Lager contains 5˚ABV.

Because the Islands have a large percentage of non-alcohol drinkers, malt-based nutritional drinks are popular. For some time, Carib has produced a malt-based, zero-alcohol beer called Malta. During our intake, we discovered that many non-alcohol drinkers wanted their preferred Malta to appear more mature and feel less like a kids’ or wellness drink. So we renamed and redesigned the new version to become Carib Malta 0.0% alcohol-free beer. It also became a fully-fledged part of the Carib brand.

Over a year, the brand has undergone a thorough redesign and product update. This change has been celebrated in a glitzy new advertising campaign, all of which have helped the brand regain its Caribbean vibrancy and vibe.

More on Carib Brand Icon and Brand Look & Feel: The Carib Icon The brand is sold over many Islands, so we created a logo lockup that felt regional and not just local. The Carib shield is composed of three elements, all of which capture the spirit of the Caribbean. The sea with a seagull gliding above announcing land, the Polar Star helping sailors navigate the seas, and the Sun, the life-giver and source of endless optimism. The shield shape locks these timeless Caribbean characteristics into a singular form, representing Carib’s Caribbean community. The Brand Look As optimism is one of the ever-present characteristics of the region, we have flipped the brand’s colour palette from mainly blue and yellow to now mainly yellow and blue. The effect is bright and sunny. A unique Carib brand bottle design has been created. The proportions between the neck and the main body are more in harmony. The new bottle carries a unique embossment to distinguish it from all other brands from the Brewery. The new label shape is less heavy and more memorable. The golden yellow product and the yellow of the design blend to give the entire presentation a lighter feel.
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