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Evolving a kid's malt

This malt beverage for kids, the cornerstone of every lunch box, needed optimisation to make it more impactful and less cluttered. The label was disjointed, and the visual hierarchy was lacking. It looked more like a soft drink than a nutritional lunchtime drink.

As Smalta is a household brand, the challenge wasn’t to change the brand but to evolve it and make it more impactful on the shelf.

We redrew the wordmark, making it more legible but retaining its bouncy, happy character. As barley is the essential ingredient that gives the Smalta its nutritional value, we brought the ‘barley tip’ closer to the wordmark so both could be seen in the same instance. The swooshes now circle the wordmark to create a centrifugal force that pulls the eye directly to the brand.

The label, can and 6-pack were rebalanced and made to look cleaner on the eye with a brighter red colour to match the continuous energy of kids.

Fun fact: Interestingly, many parents occasionally drink Smalta as a small-serve that stills their appetite.
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