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Mackeson Stout

A moody classic

There is very little happening on the label of this much-loved classic stout, but all elements of the label have a story to tell. We realised that the potential of the old design was never fully brought to life for two reasons. One, the proportions and detailing in the design were never carefully crafted. On the contrary, they were unrefined, giving the final label a poor and unattractive appearance.

We recrafted all elements in the design and, equally important, worked closely with the printer to give them the artwork they needed to produce an excellent redesigned label.

To bolster the brand's relaunch, we developed a seasonal line extension infused with Dark Trinidadian Chocolate. This inspired the client to create new seasonal line extensions every year.

Interesting fact: The chocolate in the line extension is locally grown; after all, Trinidad has the best cacao in the world.
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