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Livent Liovix™

Looking anew at battery power

Lithium is essential in producing batteries. The Livent company is one of the leading global players in mining lithium. Like all suppliers of raw materials, the market price is determined by global demand. It can swing upwards and equally nosedive. The company has no control over the price of its own raw material.

To counter this and create a more predictable bottom line, Livent decided to start harnessing its strong R&D potential by developing and offering its customers new ways of creating more efficient and effective battery power. One such innovation is LIOVIX ™. Without giving too much away, it is a method where lithium can be printed, giving the manufacturer more flexibility in the design of their products.

We were commissioned to help the team, based in Philadelphia, to develop a clear story explaining their innovative process and what made it beneficial to their customer base. Auto vehicle manufacturers were a particular target.

Once we fully understood the team’s innovation, we advised that it was too big a breakthrough which needed to be launched as a stand-alone brand under the LIVENT company name. Making it easier for them to focus their communications on a particular target group.

We created the name, claimed a domain name and wrote a Brand Story for this very commercially attractive innovation.

LIOVIX, an innovation from LIVENT, had been born.

Behind the scenes The client's team was very small, and decision-making was surprisingly fast for such a massive organisation.
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