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For Minds and Mussels

For many reasons, this well-known malt beverage of St. Kitts & Nevis desperately needed an update. The main character of the brand was clearly a Caucasian male untypical of the majority of the Islanders. The image had been clumsily collaged into the other graphics on the label. The hierarchy of elements on the label seemed confused and illogical, resulting in a weak overall presentation.

As this non-alcoholic drink was the go-to for most young people on the Island, the manufacturer chose to associate the brand with athletics. This became the inspiration for the recasting of the central character of the brand.

We gave our character a name, Leroy. Drew him in the style of a cartoon superhero. His pose is celebratory, as if he has just won a tournament. The laurel leaf graphics surrounding our new Leroy add to the ‘winning’ mood.

The brand name and brand character have been neatly locked in together. Leroy, the name of the brand character, is used in communications and on the outer packaging.

Interesting background: The brand had an iconic, successful, long-running tagline For Minds and Muscles, supporting the brand’s nutritional advantages for young people’s mental and physical development. We also proposed that the National Youth Award be renamed the Leroy Award, which Giant Malt would sponsor.
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