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Re-energising travellers

Dry, stale air in a plane is one of the discomforts to which we have become accustomed. During a flight, our bodies dehydrate and slowly begin to protest against sitting in the same position for a long time. Many business travellers have the added challenge of going straight to meetings once off the plane.

FlyFit has been developed to alleviate some of these ailments caused by travel fatigue. It strengthens the immune system, assists blood circulation, and rehydrates a dried-out body. This makes a traveller feel fitter and more alert during and after their flight.

Based on the original, two additional compositions have been introduced, one, to help sharpen concentration at work and two, to help speedily rehydrate after a heavy workout.

The brand language aspired to be like a professional sports brand and wanted to avoid any pretence of being a medical product.

Interesting background information: These types of products have been available to the airline crew community for a while but are only now being offered to passengers.
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