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EAGLE RAY Hard Seltzer

Seltzer with a sting

To look credible to a very discerning, social-media-savvy audience, this brand needed a brand concept that could be the springboard for memorable communications.

Together with the client, we settled on a name. We then started to build our identity around it. Found in the Caribbean, an eagle ray is known to be something that has a sting in its tail. An excellent metaphor for this new product.

White has become the colour code for seltzers. We didn’t want to stray too far from this category norm but needed something to make us different. Loud secondary colours added to each flavour were precisely what we needed. They have been played up in all communications to make the products stand out and be memorable.

More background: The correct name for an eagle ray is a spotted eagle ray. It is found globally in most tropical regions, including the Indo-Pacific, the Western Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the Western Atlantic Ocean.
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