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Caribbean Pride

The Brewery, founded in 1947, carries the name of its most successful product Carib, which it has been producing since 1950. Other very successful brands it produces and bottles are Stag Lager, Caribé, Shandy and Smalta, and licensed brands like Heineken and Guinness. The brewery identity and the lager identity had evolved from the same starting point, but because of the success of these other brands, there was a strong need to increase the difference between the two visually.

This new identity has been successfully launched and has given all messaging from the Brewery an increased vitality. The company’s values were sharpened and then reintroduced to the 1000-plus members of staff in the middle of the COVID period. During this quieter time, a full rebranding was undertaken. When everyone got back to work, most changes had already been implemented.

A second issue we have advised on was streamlining the plant’s production processes. This took the form of optimising and simplifying a number of different aspects, making them more logical and infinitely more simple. We minimised the number of bottle shapes and significantly reduced the number of label shapes used across the portfolio. We reduced the amount of colours needed in printing, harmonised the brewery’s multi-pack strategy, and helped rationalise the use of the numerous production and filling lines to ensure maximum output.

More on the company culture: During the 2019 – 2021 COVID pandemic, the Brewery kept all of its employees in all three breweries (Trinidad, Grenada and St. Kitts & Nevis) on its payroll.
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