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CARIBÉ Hard Cider

Champagne & Cocktails Inspired

In the Caribbean region, Cider is not per se associated with apples. Apple flavoured Cider is possible, but not all ciders need to be apple-based flavours. This allowed our client to develop a number of unique cider flavours found nowhere else in the world.

The CARIBÉ brand was already in the market but appeared unconvincing and certainly not inspiring. We needed to give the newly developed flavour range a strong brand character. We chose Champagne as our inspiration for the main product range of Brut and Rosé (more flavours will follow). Our client also wanted to add a second, same-priced platform of flavours which would be slightly different. These would be cocktail inspired, like Mimosa (other flavours will follow).

The old brand was designed to appeal to a wide general public of all ages and both genders. We wanted the new brand to appeal to a more narrow, more specific consumer group of young women. They all wanted to have fun and celebrate being together. This is where Champagne became the inspiration. For those in the group who have a more particular taste, the Cocktail inspired sub-platform was developed.

Background detail Social media is the ultimate vehicle where the brand is coming alive, so lifestyle product photography will be the main eye-catcher.
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