In our 40+ years of experience, there are three different types of people we meet in business. 

1. Those who are true entrepreneurs. The visionaries. They see the world and its opportunities as a big canvas. Any blockage can be defeated with will-power and determination. They see the world from above.

2. Those who are excellent at putting disparate parts and people together to make a company excel. They love the detail and are happiest when the whole machine is working as one. These people are master organizers and facilitators. 

3. Those who have an instinctive ability to foster and protect the identity and message of a product (or service) for a company. This ensuring the continuing success and relevance of the collective. These people work best intuitively. 

So who are you?

Most of us are a bit of all of three, but one type is always more dominant. 

We are very aware that the ‘client’ will often be more than one person. Together they could cover all three types but again one type will always be more dominant. 

At Brandology we understand how to flex our approach to fit our client type. We are very aware that one approach defiantly will not fit all. 

We are also aware that a company needs all three types of people to be a success. 


We help forge these three ways of thinking within any company into one cohesive whole.