The predecessor of Gin was Genever. This Dutch spirit has been a big part of Dutch culture. Lifting on the Gin-hype, Genever brands are trying to claim their space.

Bokma, a tired and forgotten Dutch Genever brand, was one of the Lucas Bols’ brands in need of a revival. With an ageing consumer group, it was imperative that younger consumers could find their way into the brand.

Brandology created a new signature story from intense archive research and repositioned the Bokma brand as genuine Frisian Genever with authentic quality.

Younger consumers drink less but are willing to pay more for their spirits. To create a magnet for younger consumers, Brandology expanded the portfolio by adding higher quality, craft products.

The rebranding was launched in January 2019.



The Dutch Society of Osteopaths (NVO) was in search of a clearer core message to help secure current and new osteopathy patients.


During a series of workshops, Brandology found out that the origin of NVO's problem was two-fold. 

Firstly, they had difficulty being taken seriously by the medical world. Secondly, they had trouble explaining what osteopathy does.
To solve both problems, Brandology dove deeper into the challenge and found out that NVO’s problems weren’t related to the patients or the medical world but originated from the members of NVO themselves.

Brandology wrote a manifest that brought a new mindset to life, which would be easily adoptable by the majority of members.

The new manifest was presented during the annual conference, creating immediate buy-in for change.



AWP, Bhutan National Distillery, wanted to create an upper-premium whisky for the Bhutanese market. 

This would be the first upper-premium product of the distillery and expectations were high.

The challenge was to create a new brand that avoided the Western-conceptual approach and would make this experience tangibly to a developing market.

Brandology created an accessible, premium brand idea around "discovery of a secret treasure".  Hence the name TÈR, treasure in Bhutanese.

Custom bottle, labeling, and canister were created to bring the idea to life. And the brand was launched in 2019 during the bi-annual distillery meeting.


gravity_0004_Vector Smart Object.jpg

Globally there is really only one sock brand used by professional soccer players. These special socks prevent movement of the foot inside a shoe. 

Gravity wanted to become the  no.1 grip sock brand globally by challenging the incumbent.

The application of friction-pads to socks is not unique. Brandology made this industrial application into an ownable technology by creating a brand concept and product portfolio that integrates the brand icon in its friction technology.

Within 3 months after launch, GGG was sold in the number one sport-store-chain in Thailand and featured in the WC2018.



Metakids is a foundation focussed on helping people understand the severity of children with metabolic disorders and stimulating research to conquer these disorders in the future.  

The foundation had the opportunity to pitch for a serious investment in advertising support.

The problem was that Metakids had trouble explaining the seriousness of metabolic disorders to a wider audience.

Brandology conducted a series of workshops with the Metakids team and clarified the true problem that lays behind metabolic disorders - something that goes beyond the illnesses.

Brandology created a core message to explain the main issue of metabolic disorders and Metakids’s role in changing this.

With their new message Metakids won the pitch and secured EUR 5M in advertising revenue.